Constituent Assembly Of India Debates (Proceedings)- Volume IX (30th July 1949)

Information Type: Legislative Information
Lok Sabha Debate Type: Constituent Assembly Debate
Lok Sabha Date: 1949-07-30
Case Note / Description :

Seth Govind Das (C.P. & Berar: General) : *[Mr. President, before we proceed with our business, I would like to draw your attention to one matter. Since the day of our arrival here we have been hearing various rumours about our National Language. It is said that the question of National Language would now be left for Parliament to decide. Sir, you have said here repeatedly that not only would the question of our National Language be decided by us here, but that our Constitution too would be adopted in our National Language. Now we are holding the final session, and I have learnt that the Translation Committee appointed by you for preparing the Hindi translation of the Draft Constitution has already translated the articles so far adopted by this Assembly. I would like you, Sir, to contradict these rumours and make a definite announcement that the question of the National Language would not be left to the Parliament but that it would be decided by the Constituent Assembly. Unless it is so done, in my opinion, our Constitution would remain incomplete. I would also like you, Sir, to fix the dates when questions of National Language, National Anthem and the name of the country would be taken up here so that the people, may come to know of the dates when these questions would be decided.

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