Uploading the documents

OLIS has provision to upload the documents anytime irrespective of location. The administrator has privileges to create the user for this purpose. In each collection documents can be uploaded. However, each collection has seprate set of metadata entry worksheets. Besides this, seprate users can be created for each High Courts and Tribunals. Click here for Administrator.

In addition, individual users can also contribute number of documents such as: articles, forms, speech, and audio-video. They can also tell and incorporate the useful websites in OLIS. In order to contribute contents in OLIS, user has to click the link contribute mentioned on the home page. Subsequently, user can choose the collection in which he/she wish to contribute. Thereupon, users can enter data in data entry worksheet

Some academic authors believe it was necessary to transfer copyright to the publisher when publishing In order to contribute the article, user must ensure the copyrights policy and abide by the copyrights clearance

In order to upload the article follwoing fields need to enter such as: title of article, subject, journal/magazine, year, volume, pages, name of author and abstract of article. Similarly, speech data netry worksheet contains follwing fields: title of speech, speaker, where speech delivered, date of speech, abstract, report, statute and abstract.

The legal forms can also be uploaded which also contains several fields. In addition, user can add the useful legal website through website data entry worksheet. In order to upload the contents to OLIS, please register and login with the OLIS.

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