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OLIS India Centos platform and the database runs on MySQL with web application on Apache. Server provide storage for bitstreams, with a total capacity of about 3200GB. Backups are stored on disk, on site server. OLIS India is community-developed open source platform of judicial and legislative information is based on the programme developed in Php, Java Script, XML.



Hardware consists of two parts, one is server and Desktop PC and another scanner, we used one server of IBM to give wider access to its contents and staff worked with one desktop PC. Configuration of the server is depicted below: IBM Server X3500 M2 7939-i7S, Intel Xeon Processor, E5504 Quad Core, 2.00 GHz 4MB Cache, 800 MHz FSB 4MB RAM, 300 GB SAS 10 K rpm & 2.5 Hot swap, Optical DVD ROM, Integrated Raid 01.



OLIS India architecture include various functionality such as community creation, collection creation within the community, user registration, documents submission, approval process, metadata editing and rejection and dissemination of documents. OLIS India contains the following contents which are quite beneficial to lawyers, students, research scholars. Architecture of OLIS India is in four layers i.e. application layer, business layer, Service layer, Database layer and Network Layer etc.  Each layer has its significant role in the functioning of Online Legal Information System.  Each layer is depending on other and collective functioning retrieve the results. Using metadata entry module, the OLIS India used, descriptors were assigned to retrieve results. OLIS use the fairly flat structure for using information system instance provide flexibility to create the community and sub-community. Various collections can be created within the communities.      
Application Layer
 This layer is mainly responsible for this covers the interface to the system, users of the system, batch loader and other things. This layer is mainly responsible for providing users an opportunity to access through the search window and retrieving the results with relevance ranking.  In spite of the entire interface etc, this helps in batch loading etc. users can view the community and collection etc.

Business Layer
Business layer is responsible for OLIS specific functionality which includes the workflow of items in OLIS, administration and searching and browsing the contents in the OLIS. This layer objective is to satisfy the individual user by providing the specific item. Business layer deliver the individual item to the user. It prepares the indexes and assists in searching the documents.

Storage Layer
OLIS uses the relational database management system (RDBMS) MYSQL as backend of the software and full text data is store in assess tore folder of DSpace, bibliographical data is store in MYSQL Sql.  This layer provides some mechanism to store and indexes from full text objects. Access has three levels, one within the college campus, second within the university campus and harvested contents on the internet. 

Submission Layer
This layer has the role to enter the metadata and submit the full text document to the DSpace. Before submitting the documents member has to accept the terms of license. After submission, user can upload the file to the repository. However, workflow has many steps in the OLIS which include accept, reject, edit metadata and withdraw items etc.  

Presentation Layer
Presentation layer role is to provide access to the users in real time; this read all the bibliographical data and performs searches. PostgresSQl databases store all the inform and display on the screen. Storage layer direct the presentation layer where to go to display the full text, banner and style sheets. It contains the community and collection hierarchy. Presentation layer in highly customizable and completely separate.

Safe Communication Layer
SCL ensure the safety of data exchange among the communicative system. This layer is an industry standard to safely communicate and safe to exchange information among server and client architecture.


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