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Global Development of Free Access to Legal Information
Subject : Legal Information System
Journal : Journal of Law and Technology
Volume : 1
Case Note :

Since the mid-1990s the Internet’s World-Wide-Web has provided the necessary technical platform to enable free access to computerised legal information. Prior to the web there were many online legal information systems, and numerous legal in..


Challenges for Free Access to Law in a Multi-Jurisdictional Developing Country: Building the Legal Information Institute of India
Subject : Legal Information System
Journal : SCRIPT-ed
Volume : 8 (3)
Case Note :

This article analyses the complexities involved in providing free public online access to the ‘public legal information’ of the Indian legal system. It starts with some of the causes of the complexity of Indian legal information, then ..


Meaning of 'free access to legal information': A twenty year evolution
Subject : Legal Information System
Journal : Journal of Open Access to Law
Volume : 1 (1)
Case Note :

Free online access to legal information is approaching maturity in some parts of the world, after     two decades of development, but elsewhere is still in its early stages of development. Nowhere     has it..


Legal Text Retrieval and Information Services in Digital Era
Subject : Legal Information System
Journal : 3rd International CALIBER - 2005, INFLIBNET Centre, Ahmedabad
Volume : 441-447
Case Note :

India being a huge country by population has lots of court judgments available on print format to various law libraries of the country. Keeping in view the user demand into the library, this article touches the need for computerized legal text ret..


Online Legal Information Systems in India: a Case Study from the Faculty of Law, University of Delhi
Subject : Legal Information System
Journal : Legal Information Management
Volume : 12(2)
Case Note :

In this digital age, users require immediate access to information. To foster the process of research, the legal fraternity demands efficient online legal information systems. Raj Kumar Bhardwaj provides a view from India and reports on a case stu..


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